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Akash Ayurveda of Hawaii has evolved into Akash Ayurveda Training Center and Radiant Healing.  We offer 'on the road' training for basic and advanced Ayurvedic and Siddha Vaidya healing therapies from India, as well as Western modalities of cleansing and rejuvenation.

Consultations and Radiant Healing continue to be available.

The most common treatments that are offered for training are described on this page. The training center is now based in Florida and travels across the country to bring trainings to you.

If you would like to host a training in your area, please contact us.

Ayurvedic Treatments:

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SwedanaSwedana: A series of heat and steam based treatments that are aimed at opening the pores and infusing the body with nourishment.

Ela KirzhiEla Kirzhi - Siddha Rejuvenation Treatment: A regenerative process using heated herb pouches and repeated oil massage.

Navarra KirzhiNavarra Kirzhi: The "Cleopatra Treatment" featuring a light milk and herb scrub. Ideal for beautifying the skin.

Kaya Kalpa

Kaya Kalpa: A 10,000 year old healing treatment to extend longevity while expanding awareness and releasing negative thoughts.

AbhyangaAbhyanga: A calming, medicated oil massage, tailored to each individual's needs.

ShirodaraShirodara: The classic Shirodara oil-drip treatment to stimulate deep brain centers to release stress, ease pain in the upper body and achieve calm.

La Stone MassageLa Stone Massage: Heated basalt and frozen marble are contrasted during the massage to relax, reduce inflammation and stimulate regeneration as required by the client.

(click on the pictures for additional information)

Other Treatments:

Garshana: Aromatic herbal powders are gently rubbed into the skin after your indian massage - abhyanga. Gently exfoliates and eliminates surface impurities, nourishes skin.

Udvartan: A massage using herbalized paste. Removes dead, dry skin cells, stimulates lymphatic system, dissolves excess fat. Followed by a low-heat steam for 20 minutes.

Special Neck and Back Treatments: A pool of herbally medicated oil is placed over the area/s of complaint. This allows time for the oils to seep into the deeper tissues, lubricating the tissues or flushing congestion from the area, depending on the need of the client. Localized, medicated steam therapy helps to cleanse, nourish, lubricate and strengthen the deeper tissues of the neck and back. Helps chronic pain due to stress or injury.

Alii Head Treatment: A special combination of massage and therapies for head, neck and face designed to relieve, nourish and beautify these areas of the body. These treatments are created specifically for each individual and may include a combination of any of the following.
  • Head/Face massage: From light to vigorous touch on scalp and face using medicated oil, followed by steam treatment.

  • Nasya: "Nasya" means nose. Several drops of herbalized oils are placed into the sinus passages to loosen toxins and nourish tissues. Helps to eliminate sinus trouble, reduces congestion in the head and chest.

  • Netra Basti (Eye Treatment): "Basti" means to hold or retain. A dam made of flour is built around the outer edges of one or both eyes. Warmed, pure ghee or bitter ghee is poured into the dam. The eyes are open and are moved from side to side to allow the ghee to be absorbed and the eye nourished. Oil bath for the eyes to soothe, relieve tension, improve eyesight, nourish nervous system, soften wrinkles.

  • Karna Purana (Ear Treatment): Oil bath for the ears to cleanse and nourish tissues. Common benefits are a reduction of ringing in the ears (tinnitus), insomnia, restlessness, nervousness, vertigo, and Vata.

  • ShiroDhara: A fine stream of warm, medicated oil flowing on the forehead.

Raindrop Therapy: Luxurious essential oils are dripped on the spinal area and gently rubbed in. A hot pack is then placed on the back. During this process, the metamorphic technique is applied to assist in the releasing of old patterns. Raindrop therapy is designed to pull out viruses that are dormant and assist in spinal alignment.

Metamorphic Technique: A relative of reflexology. The foot is massaged along the spinal reflex area, from the tip of the big toe to the heel. The theory is that traumas that take place from the moment of conception are held within the memory of every cell in the body. The energy that was involved in creating the old patterns is released and can be used to create new patterns. It is your own life force that guides the outcome. This is gentle, relaxing and transforming. The spine itself can also be treated as well as the reflex points on the head.

Ear Coning: Used in initiation ceremonies by the Egyptians, Mayans and Tibetans with profound results. Ear Coning may provide these benefits:
  • removes excess wax
  • clears sinuses
  • drains lymph glands
  • clears nerve ending surfaces in the ear canal
  • clears eustachian tubes through warmth and induced vacuum effect
A wonderful side effect of this treatment is deep relaxation... it stimulates the anti-stress acupuncture point in the auditory canal.


Deep Tissue Massage: Neuromuscular Therapy- Myofascial Release- Craniosacral Therapy- Organ Release Work - Lymphatic Massage - La Stone Massage.

Massage Cupping: Massage cupping is a modified version of the common practice of cupping therapy, used in traditional Chinese medicine. Through suction, negative pressure and movement, massage cupping releases rigid soft tissue; drains excess fluids and toxins; loosens adhesions and lifts connective tissue; and brings blood flow to stagnant skin and muscles.

Cocoon Treatment:

Includes Massage Cupping and a body wrap.  This is a wonderful treatment for weight loss, reducing cellulite and body mass, as well as toning tissue.  This can also be used to calm the nervous system, or energize you.  A very light suction cup massage encourages drainage, while a heavier application can be used to stimulate circulation and loosen adhesions or "dimpling." Once the body has been treated with the cupping method, specific essential oil formulas, seaweed or mud masques are applied for each client's goals and the client is wrapped up.  While the client is resting, a face cupping treatment or a foot treatment will be given.   For weight loss and decreasing body mass, this is generally done in a series of 8.  It can also be done as a single treatment, using product for any specific issue.

Combine with Udvartan (deep tissue scrub), with steam:
Combine with Udvartan, with infrared sauna:

Consultations: Telephone sessions are available for Ayurvedic Consultations as well as Health and Wellness, Emotional and Mental Patterns, Spiritual Guidance or a blending of these.  For more detailed information, click on Consultations.

Radiant Healing : Intuitive healing sessions are available. A variety of energetic modalities are utilized determined by each individual's needs. Long distance healing sessions are available.  For more detailed information, click on Radiant Healing

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