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Our clients often tell our best stories
...“My experiences with Sharon Forsyth at her Akash Healing Center have mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually always been profoundly renewing, regenerating, and transforming, catapulting me into my next level of growth and awareness in very dynamic ways. Sharon is able to facilitate and assist in all levels of processing,growth and transformation, whether it be mental, emotional, spiritual and/or physical. I always have felt completely safe in every dimension of my being, no matter what comes up during my week long panchakarmas, with Sharon herself, and in the quiet, simply beautiful, private and sacred environment overlooking the ocean that she provides.

It is a real treat to have a private, peaceful in-house retreat provided during the panchakarma treatments at Sharon's, enabling one to go deep into meditation without having to travel to another location to dwell in.

I have done panchakarma at the Deepak Chopra center in California, with the Marahrishi TM center in California, a center in Canada and with private practitioners. I must say that my experiences with Sharon have been superb and outshined any other. With Sharon, the experience is very private, personally tailored, including meals personally tailored to the individual needs. I found at other centers that this is not the case nor is there opportunity to process what may come up during the panchakarma with a supportive experienced facilitator, leaving one alone to handle this,nor was there that delicious sense of privacy, and individually tailored treatment program, where one can turn deeply inward in silence and quietude if one chooses or be as active as one wants. Her panchakarma treatments are excellent, incorporating a wider variety of treatments offered than any other place I have gone to.

Her beautiful attentiveness to details and beauty, down to how the morning meal is presented is a delight to ones senses.

I always leave feeling completely renewed and rejuvinated and deeply grateful!!!!”

Diana Tatiana Leaf
Hawaii, USA


“My first encounter with panchakarma was at the Akash Healing Center and it was truly a life changing event.

The changes in body, mind and spirit I experienced were quite profound. Because of this, I have brought several friends to the Center and they have also been amazed by their transformations during and after their cleansings. I have also been to the Chopra Center for a day of their offerings. It is a nice program, but the Akash Healing Center was more personal and provided a more focused program for personal investigation and growth.

For those who are ready to move beyond their day-to-day existence, I can heartily recommend a trip to the Akash Healing Center.”

- Sue Abreu, MD.
Colonel U.S. Army, Retired
North Carolina, USA


“...Two years ago. I was very ill with a lung condition. The illness started after a very painful emotional incident ... I felt it was alot of my own negative thoughts that depleted my immune system and drained my life force. I had treated the condition with five rounds of antibiotics and then with Chinese medicine, only to have the condition worsen. I was encouraged by the doctors to begin cortisone therapy and to use an inhaler to help me breathe. I had no energy and felt myself spiraling down. This is when I heard of a healer on the Big Island that knew of Ayurvedic treatments.

When I arrived at Sharon's and walked into the room that would be my home for the next ten days the first thing I saw was a picture of teacher's teacher..I knew it was Grace that brought me here.

Sharon started immediately with treatments feeling my pulses to be very weak with lots of Pitta and Vata trying to push it out.., an infection, so she set me in a tent with a steam of ozone... then oil massage with Vata herbs and shirodara..I went into a deep sleep... the first time in weeks... then woke to wonderful cooked veggies.

I took bitter ghee and herbal teas during the day and slept for hours dreaming vividly. I started feeling a shift... from barely being able to climb her stairs to short walks. Satsang was everywhere for me... in the books she shared... in the quiet and gazing out at the sea.

I felt nurtured on the deepest level and cared for by a very skilled and intuitive healer. I often felt the hands of my teacher and my heart softened and forgiveness found space. I didn't have alot of money at the time and felt the cost of the retreat was high but at the end I wished I could have given more. Sharon gave all of herself and then some. Even when I returned home I felt her love and support... Days later a book arrived from Sharon called "Radical Forgiveness" which was so helpful in understanding forgiveness and compassion....

I deeply respect Sharon for her abilities and gifts as a healer which is why two years later when I was looking at detoxing metals from my body I called on Sharon. This was a different time and experience. This time Ramana was not on the wall...not "out there" He was not separate from me nor was Sharon. I was stronger but needed the help and care of my dear friend and healer. It was a time to enter into the "cave" to heal... limit the noise from the business of my life and be with mySelf. Sharon has created the space to do this. I felt totally supported and nurtured... fed wholesome foods... treated with the oils day after day... layer after layer... then releasing and letting go. I left this time feeling empowered and energized... It was so beneficial in my detox process.

I so loved my time... it set the pace... planting seeds clearing out... beginning with more awareness. What a gift! What Grace!

Mahalo Sharon!”

- Anjani
Massage Therapist
Maui, USA


“So here I am... different company, different faces, different management.. The usual organisational conflicts and emotional turmoil, crisis, and employee stress levels going through the roof. Hmm... I wonder which conference room I am working in this week? Is the program working? Are materials ready and copied? Is the pc and projector working? What psychological projections am I receiving from today's clients?

Ah... here we are. 9 am, and we are ready to begin. 24 anxious pair of eyes are facing me. I read their minds.. "Who is that woman? Why is she here? A psychologist.. what is she going to do us?" 12 hours of coaching, lecturing, facilitating, processing, supporting, challenging, pushing, lifting, moving, changing, nourishing, theorising, managing... Ok, 9.30 pm.. finally finishing the 3 course dinner and the 24 clients desire to discuss personal issues specifically with me retiring to yet an anonymous hotel room... exhausted, collapsing in bed. Hoping I will make it out of bed 6.30 am the next morning in time to do my morning yoga and meditation.

Just another day in the life of an organisational psychologist.

This is when I know that yet again I will spend the money and the time to make the long journey from Denmark to Hawaii to see Sharon and do my yearly spiritual intensive retreat. To spend 10 days in the magical hands of the Goddess of Ayurveda, receiving a full on Pancha Karma and the next amazing level of light body activations. Hm.. I wonder what Sharon would think of the wine and food, I ate to night. She would probably give me 4 oxypowders, a colonic and a purge. And order a fast for 4 days. Can't wait to go again...

And so I doze off in my hotel bed with peace in my heart... dreaming of lava stone massage, hot pouches, salt scrubs, galactic zonalight aumkabah activations and the peaceful sunsets from Sharon's terrace. Ah... silence. With the faint scent of sesame oil in my nostrils I finally fall asleep, my only concern being that my next visit to Sharon is a long 8 months away.”

- Majken Matzau
Organisational Psychotherapist Denmark

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