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Akash Ayurveda of Hawaii has evolved into Akash Ayurveda Training Center and Radiant Healing.  We offer 'on the road' training for basic and advanced Ayurvedic and Siddha Vaidya healing therapies from India, as well as Western modalities of cleansing and rejuvenation.

Programs are no longer being offered as we are now training practitioners to carry on the work by expanding their practice to include cleansing and rejuvenation programs. Lay people who would like to learn self care, as well as assist family and friends are welcome to attend the Self Care Class and The Couples Class.

Consultations and Radiant Healing continue to be available.

The training center is now based in Florida and travels across the country to bring trainings to you.

If you would like to host a training, in your area, please contact us.

Programs Available For Training:

The programs listed below were the most popular programs provided at the Center and are now available for training.

Pancha Karma Program
/ The Couples Assist Program / Weight Loss Program

Common Conditions Treated:

  • General body cleanse - recovery, enhancement or prevention
  • General toxicity - chemical, environmental, food, heavy metal
  • Skin conditions - psoriasis, acne, contact dermatitis.....and others
  • Sinus conditions - post nasal drip, congestion, allergies
  • Arthritis - general, rheumatoid, inflammed
  • Adrenal disorder - exhaustion, cortisol imbalance, stress, nervous system imbalance
  • Heavy metal toxicity - lead, mercury, aluminum, cadmium, arsenic
  • Intestinal disorders - parasites, IBS, chronic constipation, candida
  • Liver and Kidney disorders - congestion, digestion, blood toxicity, exhaustion, UTI
  • Lyme Disease
  • Stress Relief
  • Weight Reduction
  • Cancer After-Care - post chemotherapy, radiation or other medication regime, rejuvenation, liver cleanse, blood cleanse

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Pancha Karma Program:

The fundamental program is called The Pancha Karma Program, which is a therapeutic process to eliminate congestion and toxins from the body.

This is accomplished by stimulating various layers of tissue/organs within the body, i.e., skin, lymphatic, blood, muscle, fat, bone, bone marrow, reproductive tissues, and individual internal organs. Each program is structured for the individual.

Pancha Karma treatment typically requires seven consecutive days of treatment. Occasionally, it is necessary for individuals to choose longer, or shorter, treatment programs. Let us help you design a program to meet your needs.

The Couples Assist Program:

This is an opportunity to share with your partner during your 7 day Pancha Karma program. As you go through your cleansing program, you will assist with basic treatments that can be practiced at home.

Weight Loss Program:

Together we will create the perfect program, selecting specific treatments to address your own personal needs and goals.

A food program will be designed for you to follow. Your experience can be a consecutive, 7 day intensive or it can be spread out over several weeks, receiving treatments a few days a week.

Some of the treatments used will be the Cocoon Treatment, Massage Cupping, Udvartan-Deep Tissue Scrubs, Infrared Saunas, Colonics, Siddha Rejuvenation Treatment, or any other treatment you might be attracted to.


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