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Pancha Karma

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Navarra Pancha KarmaCome and experience the island of ALOHA:

A - Akahi (Gentleness) Be loving by showing others kindness. Helping not only those close to you, but those who are not.

L - Lokahi (Unity) Be in harmony with yourself, your family, all people and the world. Feel the interconnectedness of everything. to find pleasure in life, bring pleasure into life.

O - Olu'olu (Pleasantness) be a pleasent person who gets along with all people. You must forgive those who have wronged you- including yourself.

H - Ha'aha'a (Modesty) Be humble about yourself and not egotistical or self centered. Be concerned of others feelings as much as your own.

A - Ahonui (Patience) Be Happy with what we have now rather than impatient with what we want in the future

Pancha Karma

Pancha means "5" and Karma means "actions." These 5 actions are performed on the body in a very specific order. When done properly, they will detoxify and rejuvenate the whole system, bringing youthfulness and strength to the body and calm openness to the mind.

Traditionally, it is undertaken as a preventative therapy at the change of the seasons. It is designed to penetrate the vital tissues in order to clean the source of aggravation and dislodge unwanted accumulations of waste materials known as "ama." Ama is the result of all undigested foods, thought forms or emotions. It accummulates in the GI tract and seeps out into tissues of the body such as blood, lymph, fat, etc.

Pancha Karma is the therapeutic means to eliminate excess doshas and ama from the body, mind and emotions. This process is a necessary part of rejuvenation. The five actions are:

Virechan: Cleanses the small intestines, sweat glands, kidneys, stomach, liver and spleen. It is called for in skin problems, excess bile, indigestion, anger, irritability, jaundice, headaches. Herbs or herbally medicated oils are used. Pitta dosha is benefited.

Nasya: Clears the impurities from the head and neck area. It is used in headaches, sinusitis, tinnitis, nervousness, stiff neck, heaviness in head, running eyes, ear infections, etc. Herbally medicated oils are placed into each nostril to cleanse and nourish. Kapha dosha is benefited.

Basti: Cleanses the colon by injecting herbally medicated oils and decoctions. It helps constipation, sexual disorders, kidney stones, heart pain, back-ache, sciatica, nervous disorders, neck pain and hyperacidity. Also other vata disorders such as arthritis, rheumatism and gout. Vata dosha is benefited. Bastis are the most important part of Pancha karma, it makes up 50% of the treatment, all the other treatments put together make up the other 50%.

Vamana: Cleanses mucus and congestion. Good for skin diseases, chronic asthma, diabetes, chronic cold, lymphatic obstruction, edema, chronic sinus, repeat attacks of tonsillitis. Kapha dosha is benefited.

Rakta Moksha: Blood-letting was done in the olden days. Today, the blood is cleansed through herbal formulas and treatments. Aides in disorders such as skin rashes, allergy, hives, enlarged liver and spleen, gout. Pitta dosha is benefited.

Purva Karma

Is the preparation for Pancha Karma. The aim is to mobilize and liquefy ama (waste) from the tissues and to move it out towards the large hollow organs of the body, which then allows Pancha Karma to flush them out. Purva Karma is absolutely necessary for the success of Pancha Karma.

There are a variety of treatments performed on the body during the process such as:

Siddha Navarra TreatmentsSnehan - saturates the body with medicated oils externally and bitter ghee is ingested for internal oleation. This oiling induces the tissues to give up their accumulated toxins, protects the tissues from damage while ama is being removed, pacifies and nourishes Vata. All are designed for each individual's needs. If Pancha Karma is practiced without preparing the tissues first, only a superficial cleansing will take place.

SwedanaSwedan - means to sweat, however, the main purpose of swedan is not to produce sweat, but to dilate the channels so that the removing of ama from the tissues can be more easily achieved.

Abhyanga - vigorous massage designed to drive the oils and herbs into the deeper tissues and to encourage the doshas to move in their proper directions.

There are a variety of treatments given during a pancha karma program. See Treatments for more information.

Kriya Karma - Rasayana

Kriya Karma and Rasayana are rejuvenation processes and are to be followed after Pancha karma to rebuild the body. These treatments help to boost the immune system, regenerate skin cells, rebuild the blood and calm the mind and nervous system. Herbal formulas can also be taken internally for a period of time. The treatment used at Akash Healing Center for this purpose are: Siddha Hot Oil (Ela Kirzhi), Navarra Kirzhi and Kaya Kalpa.

Dinacharya (Daily Routine- During Your Program)

DinacharyaIt is highly recommended to be quiet and resting as much of your time as possible. It is a time to let your body cleanse and rebuild. the more energy you exert, the less energy your body has to do the job we are asking it to do. Easy and relaxed movement, yoga, walks, swims, meditation and resting is recommended.

Visiting some of the sacred sites are also helpful for your process, they have many gifts to offer.

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