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Akash Ayurveda Training Center continues to offer informative, supportive and life-changing consultations.  For the convenience of the client, these are offered over the phone.  Some of the more popular ones are:

  • Ayurvedic Consultations
  • Emotional and Mental patterns and programming
  • Physical Health and Wellness
  • Spiritual Guidance

Ayurvedic Consultations assists a person in understanding their unique body type and offers suggestions to what can be done to bring  balance and vitality into reality.  A consultation may consist of:

  • Intuitive Pulse Reading
  • Q & A on health concerns
  • Self care - Self cleansing guidance
  • Dietary and life style suggestions

A consultation for Emotional and Mental patterns can assist a person in seeing what negative programs are running in the background that are influencing one's life and one's decision making.  These can show up as addictions, repeated behaviors, depression, negative reactions, emotional outbursts, upsetting situations that keep showing name a few. 

Physical health and wellness can be challenging and confusing with all the information that is out in the world via books and the internet.  This consultation is an opportunity for a person to express concerns about a specific health issue and to receive guidance, or to gather information about prevention and balancing, or for someone who has good health and wants to take it to the next level.  Diet, exercise and lifestyle are some of the topics discussed, but when dealing with physical health, the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects need to be attended to as well.  Catagories in one's life, such as: Relationship, Recreation, Work, Devotional Practice may be out of balance causing a physical issue.

Spiritual Guidance is helpful in assisting a person to come home to their Source, the Stillness, the place of Peace within.  It is so easy to be distracted these days in the fast paced world, where the mind is on high speed and caught up in drama and the body can't keep up, or where people lose their sense of Self and forget what is Truth, what is Love and what is Joy. 

Radiant Healing is a wonderful, additional support to any of these consultations, offering a more thorough and in-depth experience.

Rate: $60

PayPal is our preferred method of payment at this time. You do not need a PayPal account to pay with a credit card. PayPal simplifies the payment process significantly. Simply click on the “Pay Now”button and you will be brought to PayPal’s secure web site to complete the transaction.

Consultation - $60


You may also pay directly by check or money order.

Make checks payable to:

Sharon Forsyth-Morrison
10848 N Dragonis Dr.
Citrus Springs FL 34433-3318


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