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Classes Offered by Akash Ayurveda of Hawaii




This series is a hands-on training of Ayurvedic treatments that will expand your treatment menu and provide greater service for your clients.

Classes listed below are the most popular.  Workshops can be created to suit your specific interests and needs.

If you would like to host a training in your area, please contact us.

For any of the trainings offered, the costs will vary depending on the travel expenses to your area, hotel room rates and conference room expenses.  Once the rates have been calculated, a flier can be created to send out an announcement.


SharonSharon Forsyth-Morrison is the founder of Akash Ayurveda of Hawaii. She has over 30 years of training, practice and teaching which has given the center a wide variety of modalities to draw upon. Blending East and West, Sharon has created a unique style of Pancha Karma which addresses the emotional, mental, spiritual and nutritional health of each person. Three years were spent in India meeting and practicing with spiritual masters, as well as training with teachers and doctors of Ayurveda and Siddha Vaidya medicines.



Ela Kirzhi7 Day workshop for practitioners

In this class, each student will receive 4 sessions and will give 9 sessions. Each student will need to have 3 models that can come on 3 days of the class to practice on. Because the pouches are made with fresh herbs, part of the class will be gathering and processing the herbs as well as mixing the oils so the student knows this treatment from beginning to end.

Ela means "herb" and kirzhi means "pouch." This treatment is used specifically to rejuvenate the body, and can be used to cleanse the skin and blood. Pouches are filled with fresh herbs and mixed with coconut and lime. The pouches are then soaked in hot, herbally medicated oil and gently swept across the body following energy zones. This accesses the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies, encouraging a cleansing affect on all levels. The warmth allows the skin to fully absorb the herbal oils, enabling nutrients to reach all cells, making the removal of toxins possible. This treatment triggers the body's innate ability to rejuvenate itself back to its pure form. The brain is triggered into a natural, regenerative process. A chemical reaction takes place and the body is saturated with natural chemicals that regenerate cells, tissue and blood.

*This class is available in areas that have a natural, local source of the plants needed for the treatment.  For participants who are interested in this training, it is important to have access to these fresh herbs in your area.  Check out the Navarra Kirzhi Treatment as an alternative for your training.



Pancha Karma

7 Day workshop for practitioners

During this training each student will receive pancha karma and give pancha karma. All the aspects of giving pancha karma will be taught, such as oil blending, mixing herbs, simple pulse reading, consultations and creating a personalized program for clients. Modalities from the East and from the West are blended to create a unique and modern practice of the art. Below describes these processes in more detail.





A 2 or 3-Day weekend workshop for anyone

This is an opportunity to give to and receive from your partner, family member or friend.  A variety of cleansing and healing treatments will be experienced that can be taken home for continued support. The class will be created according to participant's special needs and interests. Some of the treatments that would be available for training are:

Abhyanga, Garshana, Head/Face massage, Swedana, Udvartan, Neck and Back Treatments, Raindrop Therapy, Metamorphic Technique, Ear Coning 


A 2-Day weekend workshop for anyone

During this training you will learn how to give yourself basic treatments for balancing and cleansing.  The class will be created according to participant's special needs and interests.  Some of the treatments that would be available for training are:

Abhyanga, Garshana, Head/Face massage
Netra Basti (Eye Treatment), Karna Purana (Ear Treatment), Nasya, Basti, Meditation, Chakra Balancing, Breathwork

Purva Karma
Treatments Offered for Training

This is the preparation for Pancha Karma. The aim is to mobilize and liquefy ama (waste) from the tissues and to move it out towards the large hollow organs of the body, which then allows Pancha Karma to flush them out. Purva Karma is absolutely necessary for the success of Pancha Karma. You will be learning all of the treatments below as well as what is written in the “Descriptions of Treatments” section on the last page of this document.

Snehan - saturates the body with medicated oils externally and bitter ghee is ingested for internal oleation. This oiling induces the tissues to give up their accumulated toxins, protects the tissues from damage while ama is being removed, pacifies and nourishes Vata. All are designed for each individual's needs. If Pancha Karma is practiced without preparing the tissues first, only a superficial cleansing will take place.

Swedana - means to sweat, however, the main purpose of swedan is not to produce sweat, but to dilate the channels so that the removing of ama from the tissues can be more easily achieved.

Abhyanga – Indian form of massage, a rhythmical massage, from light to vigorous touch in a specific flow to encourage the doshas (elements) to move in their proper directions and to drive the oils and herbs into the deeper tissues.

Udvardan - A massage using herbalized paste. Removes dead, dry skin cells, stimulates lymphatic system, dissolves excess fat.

Garshana - Various modalities that exfoliates and eliminates surface impurities, nourishes skin, stimulates lymphatic system.

ShiroDhara - A fine stream of warm, medicated oil flowing on the forehead.

Ela Kirzhi - Siddha Rejuvenation Treatment: A regenerative process using heated herb pouches and repeated oil massage.

Massage Cupping: Massage cupping is a modified version of the common practice of cupping therapy, used in traditional Chinese medicine. Through suction, negative pressure and movement, massage cupping releases rigid soft tissue; drains excess fluids and toxins; loosens adhesions and lifts connective tissue; and brings blood flow to stagnant skin and muscles.

Cocoon Treatment: Includes Massage Cupping and a body wrap.  This treatment is used for excess kapha - weight loss, reducing cellulite and body mass, as well as toning tissue.  A very light suction cup massage encourages drainage, while a heavier application can be used to stimulate circulation and loosen adhesions or "dimpling." Once the body has been treated with the cupping method, specific essential oil formulas are applied for each client's goals and the client is wrapped into a cocoon. 

Pancha Karma

Pancha means "5" and Karma means "actions." These 5 actions are performed on the body in a very specific order. When done properly, they will detoxify and rejuvenate the whole system, bringing youthfulness and strength to the body and calm openness to the mind.

Pancha Karma is the therapeutic means to eliminate excess doshas and waste from the body, mind and emotions. This process is a necessary part of rejuvenation. The five actions are:

Virechan: Cleanses the small intestines, sweat glands, kidneys, stomach, liver and spleen. It is called for in skin problems, excess bile, indigestion, anger, irritability, jaundice, headaches. Herbs or herbally medicated oils are used. Pitta dosha is benefited.

Nasya: Clears the impurities from the head and neck area. It is used in headaches, sinusitis, tinnitis, nervousness, stiff neck, heaviness in head, running eyes, ear infections, etc. Herbally medicated oils are placed into each nostril to cleanse and nourish. Kapha dosha is benefited.

Vamana: Cleanses mucus and congestion. Good for skin diseases, chronic asthma, diabetes, chronic cold, lymphatic obstruction, edema, chronic sinus, repeat attacks of tonsillitis. Kapha dosha is benefited.

Basti: Cleanses the colon by injecting herbally medicated oils and decoctions. It helps constipation, sexual disorders, kidney stones, heart pain, back-ache, sciatica, nervous disorders, neck pain and hyperacidity. Also other vata disorders such as arthritis, rheumatism and gout. Vata dosha is benefited. Bastis are the most important part of Pancha karma, it makes up 50% of the treatment, all the other treatments put together make up the other 50%.

Rakta Moksha: Blood-letting was done in the olden days. Today, the blood is cleansed through herbal formulas and treatments. Aides in disorders such as skin rashes, allergy, hives, enlarged liver and spleen, gout. Pitta dosha is benefit

Other Treatments Available for Workshops

All of the classes are hands-on and each student will observe a demonstration, receive and give each treatment being taught.

Abhyanga: Indian massage. Light to vigorous, rhythmical massage designed to drive the oils and herbs into the deeper tissues and to encourage the doshas to move in their proper directions.

Siddha Massage: Deep circular movements, calming the elements while driving the oil deeper into the tissues, especially muscles and bones.

Navarra Kirzhi: The "Cleopatra Treatment" featuring a light milk and herb scrub. Ideal for beautifying the skin. Click on Navarra Kirzhi,  then click on photo for detailed information.

Kaya Kalpa: A 10,000 year old healing treatment to extend longevity while expanding awareness and releasing negative thoughts. Click on Kaya Kalpa, then click on photo for detailed information.

Back Treatments:

Khati Basti: A pool of herbally medicated oil is placed over the area/s of complaint. This allows time for the oils to seep into the deeper tissues, lubricating the tissues or flushing congestion from the area, depending on the need of the client. Localized, medicated steam therapy helps to cleanse, nourish, lubricate and strengthen the deeper tissues of the neck and back, such as hot towels.

Raindrop Therapy: Gentle dripping of essential oils along spine, opening and relieving the spine of congestion and unwanted, dormant viruses.

Head Treatments:

Shirodhara: A stream of warm oil is poured onto the forehead and third eye, to stimulate deep brain centers to release stress, ease pain in the upper body and achieve calm.

Head/Face massage: From light to vigorous touch on scalp and face using medicated oil.

Netra Basti (Eye Treatment): Oil bath for the eyes to soothe, relieve tension, improve eyesight, nourish nervous system, soften wrinkles.

Karna Purana (Ear Treatment): Oil bath for the ears to cleanse and nourish tissues.

Contact: Sharon Forsyth-Morrison
(808) 989-5741

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